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Welcome To The A Team

August 3, 2020

Are you a woman who is Amazing, Ace-ing it, Attractive, Adorable, Ardent, Authentic, Articulate, Ageless?

If this is you—and I know it is, then join ‘The A Team’

Here you will meet and interact with loads of women just like you, and many others who have gone ahead of you, that you can admire and aspire to reach and surpass the heights they have attained to.

You can social network with members of the team in our own dedicated chat room—the A Lounge. Share recipes, stories, info…general girl talk. We will live, love, learn, laugh and cry… together.

I’m game, I hope you are.

Some of the benefits are, but not limited to

  • Monthly Q and A sessions on matters to do with marriage and relationships
  • A free pdf copy of one of my books
  • A dedicated headshot space on the A Team photo wall (optional)
  • Access to the A list which contains book reviews, film reviews (watch out for spoilers) members can have their reviews posted.
  • The A list playlist featuring changing playlist for music for every mood inspirational, motivational, love songs and so on
  • Informal videos for hair, make-up, facials, massage tips
  • Video messages with themes and teachings dealing with  marriage and relationships
  • Video welcome by me and a random choosing of five members of the team for a one on one video meet up hangout with me.
  • A dedicated space chat room Ive dubbed the A lounge where members can interact via chat generally, or befriend other members and interact them privately and personally.
  • A weekly ‘word for the week’ to keep before you and motivate you to hit the ground running.
  • Surprise guest video featured randomly at any point
  • Virtual video movie nights BYOPAD (bring your own  popcorn and drinks)
  • There’s a place for shopping… and yes you guessed it, the A Place where you get a whopping 20% of my books, you can buy branded T-shirt’s, Mugs, clothes
  • Access to articles, downloadable e-books and additional resources to enhance and strengthen your marriage and to prepare you for the life-long journey of marriage if you are single.
  • A link to join the A Team WhatsApp group